Policy of Quality Assurance

Appendix 1 to the Resolution of the Senate of WULS-SGGW no. 1-2013/2014 from 23 September 2013 on the System of Assurance and Development of Quality of Education in WULS-SGGW


Professing tradition and having mission and vision of WULS-SGGW in mind we assume that quality of education assurance is one of the cornerstones for our University. Research, knowledge transfer, internationalization and building positive socio-economic relationships directly support learning process.

The main object of at types and forms of studies in our University is to provide the best available knowledge, improve student’s qualifications and their social competence. We do believe that knowledge and gained skills will give them opportunities to effectively operate at the labour market and successfully live in modern knowledge-based society.

The aims of quality assurance process in WULS are:
– Ensuring cohesion of education programs with National Qualifications Program;
– Monitoring, analysis, evaluation and improvement of education effects in the educational processes;
– Diversifying educational programs;
– Ensuring high qualifications of the academic and and-non academic staff;
– Extending cooperation with national and foreign scientific centers, especially in the education, research and knowledge transfer;
– Monitoring carrier of the graduates;
– Ensuring good relationships with internal and external stakeholders to improve educational processes;
– Developing of infrastructure;
– Providing efficient information flow.

All activities in the field of quality of education assurance in WULS are based on law, internal regulations, recommendations and are coherent with University’s Development Strategy, as well as guidelines of Bologna Strategy and recommendations of European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Quality of education is planned, verified and improved by the Internal System for Quality of Education Assurance which is subject to the periodic review.

Members of the academic community are responsible and engaged in developing the quality of education culture in our University as well as for assuring and developing the Internal System for Quality of Education in Warsaw University of Life Sciences.